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Welcome to MyMobileUniversity an award wining global initiative to impact lives through a FREE online learning platform. NGOs' in Malaysia, Africa, India and Nepal use it to promote lifelong learning and life skills for women, youth and people with disabilities aimed to enhance growth and income of individuals. Individuals globally also benefit from this site as it helps them to upskill or learn something new. Digital lifelong learning helps individuals remain competitive in this era of globalization and knowledge based economy. There are thousands of quality learning content covering Academic, Business, Professional Development, ICT, Entrepreneurship,Lifestyle and Lifelong Learning provided by leading universities, organizations and subject matter experts suitable for all ages. Your support will add to the success of MyMobileUniversity global initiative.

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Our Learning Channels

Universities & Colleges

Free online courses from the world's leading universities - Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more covering Business, Accounting, Engineering, Law, Computing, Science, Maths & Technology, People & Politics, Nature & Environment, Education, History & The Arts, Medical, Nursing, Health, Sports & Psychology, Money & Finance, Management and much more!

675 Learning

Professional & Business

A Broad Range Of Business Areas Covering Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, And Economic Programs To Up-Skill Or Learn New Things & Keep Updated Suitable For Professionals, Entrepreneurs

363 Learning

Career Development

Resources To Assist One's Career Planning, Searching For Employment And Programs To Up-Skill Or Learn New Things To Help One Pursue Their Dream.

249 Learning

Computing & ICT

Great Learning Resources Covering Basic PC Understanding, To More Advanced Qualifications In Areas Like Networking, Web Design, Mobile Apps Development, Cloud Computing, Coding And Programming Languages And Much More.

427 Learning

Learn English In A Fun Way

Learn English in fun ways with games, stories, listening activities, grammar exercises and much more!

381 Learning


This Course Introduces Teacher Educators To Open Educational Resources - Freely Available Learning Materials That Can Be Adapted For Use In Particular Contexts.

198 Learning


Resources Covering Academic, It, Robotics And General Knowledge To Help Teens & Youth To Prepare For Their Lessons And Explore New Study Areas With The Aim Of Enhancing Educational Excellence.

107 Learning


Resources Covering Academic, It, Robotics And General Knowledge To Help K-12 Students To Help With Their Lessons With The Aim Of Enhancing Educational Excellence.

262 Learning


Digital Videos Library Covering Many Areas From Academic, Documentaries, Instructional, Lifestyle & Lifelong Learning.

182 Learning

Lifestyle & Lifeskills

Thousands Of Programs Covering Lifestyle Topics From Yoga, Cooking , Finance, Family, General Knowledge, History, Geography And Much More.

157 Learning


University Short Programs To Up-Skill Or Learn New Things, Keep Updated Suitable For Doctors, Pharmacists And Those In The Medical Field.

135 Learning


University Short Programs To Up-Skill Or Learn New Things, Keep Updated For Nurses And Those In The Medical Field.

56 Learning

Global Health

More Than 2000 Videos In 77 Languages Covering Global Health, Prevention Of Diseases, Mother & Child Nutrition Etc.

147 Learning


Thousands Of Motivation Content Covering Good Moral, Motivational & Inspirational Stories To Lift Your Mood And To Keep Going When Faced With Never-Ending Obstacles.

171 Learning


Awesome Ways To Fill Your Free Time In A Creative Way. Find Out What You Are Passionate About And Use Your Leisure Time To Pick Up A New Hobby Or Enhance Your Knowledge On Your Current Hobby!

183 Learning

Global Newspaper

Read Global Newspapers From Countries Around The World.

64 Learning

Global Radio

Listen To Radio Stations And Music From Countries Around The World.

56 Learning

Mobile Apps

Collection Of Educational Apps You Can Download For Apple, Android, And Blackberry Devices Content Include Apps For Children With Special Needs Too.

181 Learning

Study & Work Tools

Easy Access To Study And Work Tools Like Calculator, Translator, Currency Converter And Much More.

98 Learning


Come Explore The World Of Books Either E-Books Or Audio Books, Jointly There Are More Than A Million Books From Around The World Covering Academic, Fiction And Non-Fiction, Have Fun Reading!

216 Learning

Financial Literacy

Money Manaagement Programs And Games For Adults And Children.

127 Learning

Learn Languages

Learn The Languages Of The World Fast And Easy. As A Multilingual Person You Open Up Opportunities In All Areas Of Your Life Be It Social, Business Or In Your Career.

252 Learning

Wellness & Fitness

Topics Covering A Holistic And Positive Educational Approach To Wellness And Fitness Programs.

88 Learning


Dedicated Mathematic Channel Suitable For All. We Live In A World Of Numbers. You See Them Every Day: On Clocks, In The Stock Market, In Sports, And All Over The News. Solve Equations, Draw Graphs, And Play With Quadratics In This Interactive Course!

104 Learning


Resources And Programs To Support Learning And Skill Development Using Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics (Stem). Suitable For All Ages As There Are Resources From Many Different Sources To Make Learning Science Fun!

93 Learning

Psychometric Aptitude Tests

Psychometric Aptitude Tests

57 Learning


Learn English through lyrics and songs

71 Learning



29 Learning


Watch online movies. Action, Adventures, comedy, etc...

92 Learning

Early Childhood

Early childhood is a stage in human development.

10 Learning

Aviation Aeronautical Engineering

Aviation Aeronautical Engineering

15 Learning

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Thousands of digital resources in the form of courses, videos, e- books, interactive programs, etc!

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